Friday, December 26, 2008

Reality Check

I guess that I am about 143 right now.  I have not weighed myself in about a week.  Last check I was between 138-140.

Been struggling in and around this weight for a bit.  Last summer when I quit smoking I was horrified at being 138.  I started personal training.  I was unable to make a long term commitment.

I was struggling emotionally back the too.  Struggling with other demons as well.  Trying to gain control, still.  This quest is about gaining control about what I want in my life.

First things first, yes it is vain, but...I want to look good.  You look good, you feel good.

The weight challenge - 130 is the number.  I want to be fit too.  Well I guess I just want the world.  The thing is I just figured it out and the world is for me to have.  It is mine for the taking , so I'm gonna make it all happen.

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