Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Final Day

So far so good.

Birth mom arrived today...I was cursing her earlier in the day, yes sometimes I can't control the bitterness.  I thought she was coming earlier...anyways I was delighted to see her.   So I'll have company for at least a week, but I need to stay in control of the food and the exercise, and I will.  Why you ask?  Well I'm going to Cuba and I need to get down to 130, that is the ideal goal.  That means 12.5 more pounds to go.  I have how many days left?  Let me count.  Ok I have 34 days left before we leave.  12 pounds in 34 days...can I do it?  Patty says for sure, so that's cool and I know I can do this if I focus.  I need to work out everyday, count my calories, no more than 1400 calories a day, ideally between 1200-1300.  It's that easy, right?

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