Friday, December 26, 2008

This pic on the right was taken about three months ago.  I remember thinking then that I needed to get a grip.  I am definitely heavier now.

The pic on the left was taken about 4 months ago.  I felt good that weekend at my girl friends cottage.  Then look at me a month all goes so quickly.

Bingeing on and off today...and drinking, the inlaws are over :).  It's all good, until I weigh in tomorrow :).  Well I need to know where I am to determine where I am going, right?

I will take my measurements too...scary!  

Need to keep track of what I am eating as well.  Now, I originally thought that I would follow the zone i am thinking that maybe, maybe, maybe I should be following Weight Watchers.  I like the point system, looks pretty easy to follow, and will allow me eat things that I like.  What i like about the zone, it works, but it is soooo restrictive.  I will definitely need to do more research on the WW plan.  In fact I have a co-worker who could help me as she is a leader, we'll see.  Counting points seems to be easier than counting blocks.  Another thing I could do for the "instant" appeal is the Isagenix program, I still have some shake mix left

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