Saturday, December 27, 2008

Well...Today was the day.  I did it.  I stepped on the scale.  Holy Crap.  148.5.  This is 5.5 pounds more than my guesstimate.  Ok - I have some work to do.  I will be tracking my food on an excel sheet that I found on line.  Not sure if I can post it here?  Maybe I can copy and paste...we'll see.

10 pounds in two weeks.  That is how quick I have gained this last bit of weight.  I have never been this heavy.  This is new, good thing it won't be for long.

I am feeling hungry right now, Think I'll have some carrot sticks.  Don't want to completely obsess about this all day, but need to take action.

Measurements were,  38 hips and 34 waist I think.  I hate measuring.

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