Sunday, February 22, 2009

Balance in Chaos

Don't we all want balance?

I wanna feel like I am paying attention to the things that matter. Family, relationships, people.  The real things...  I want to focus and work hard when I should.  Stop procrastinating, stop daydreaming and start doing.  Stop the negative talk.  Enjoy your downtime and work smart during work time.  I find when I am productive at work I find that I can relax and enjoy the downtime.  (Ya... as I sit at the computer wanting to get a head start on tomorrows day but yes I am procrastinating).  My intentions are good, they are always good, need some follow through now.

Steady and consistent actions create the balance that I am looking for.  Create the plan and the benefits will follow.


Hopeful said...


Easier said than done!

Perry said...

Very well spoken!! I'm going to get around to working on my procrastination issues....soon. That balance is so elusive, but when I'm chasing it good things happen! Good luck....

Brandi said...

Finding balance can be tough...but you can totally do it!

Good luck this week :)