Friday, February 13, 2009

Mojitos, Pina Coladas, and Methods

Well I am back from the was wonderful.  I am happy to report a only a two pound gain.  Yep two pounds, that's it.  Quite surprising considering the amount of cocktails and carbs that I consumed.  The food was questionable and many times I found myself eating bread and butter...mmm yummy.  I was prepared for a larger number on the scale, but this morning I was quite surprised.

Today I find myself not only wanting to smoke, that's another story, but bingeing as well.  Sweets of course.  The issue here is that I have no plan.  My vacation is over and now I don't know which plan to follow.  Yes I am done with the Wedding Day Diet, but what plan will be right for me.

I know what I want... I want to eat food.  I want to loose 10 more pounds in the next 6 months and I don't want to obsess.  I want a good balance of food exercise etc.  I have "done" the zone before and liked it - the one draw back about the zone was the requirement for protein in absolutely every meal or snack...this can be quite rigid as there is no wiggle room here.  I tried weight watchers a years ago, not sure what plan it was the I followed, I know I didn't count points, and remembered that I ate a lot.  I like eating and want to be able to eat a variety of foods.  I am sick an tired if depriving myself, there is no need. 

How many calories can I eat per day and sill lose 10 pounds in 6 months...what is the BMR method?  How do I calculate what I can eat and still lose??

What method should I be following to maintain the sanity?

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Carlos said...

great now I totally want to get drunk, while baking bread, and chain smoking! Hang in there