Monday, February 16, 2009

Spark People

I love this!  

Tracking calories.

Tracking workouts.

Tracking goals.

And such a great format!  What else could I ask for?

It has been a fabulous weekend!  The vacation sure did me a world of good.  And eating, getting to eat is awesome.  I love eating.  I still have a couple hundred point to eat tonight, yeah!
According to my Spark People, my calories intake should be between 1680 - 2030 - nice!  

Things that I love to eat.

Fruit, bagels, jam, fruit, pasta - these are no longer off limits.  Tonight I made eggplant parm.  It was delish!  I even have some for lunch tomorrow...:)

Workouts have been great - burning 1000 cals doing HIIT on the elliptical - taking me btwn 34 and 36 minutes to complete!

I missed the cardio when I was away - who would have thunk?

Happy Family Day Canada! 

We are so lucky!

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