Monday, January 26, 2009

The 10 Day Challenge

Ok.  It is official, I have booked the trip and we are going.  Just hubby and I - off to Cuba, where we will spend a week filled with sunshine, swim up bars, cycling, laughing, walking, talking, sex, did I mention lots of sex.  Hubby and I have not had a week to ourselves in 10 years.  
So where am I with my plan?  Today I weighed 138, I know another gain.   I have stepped in up a notch and have entered into the 10 Day Challenge.  Do my best for 10 days.  That's it.  Work out everyday.  Cardio and strength - easy peasy!!!  It better be!  I look at the pics of me in the bikini - if I can even call it that with the silly little skirt and there is work to do - what can I do in 10 days though - that is the question.  Ok so work out - check.  Done, completed for Monday, cardio and strength.  Eating - did well - remember few weeks ago I spent what $50 bucks on that wedding day diet, I am following those principles today.  Protein, fat and green veg - no other carbs.  Again 10 days thats it.  When I get back - the diet will be less strict because I want oatmeal for breakfast and the ability to have eat WW bagels and breads.   But I'll worry about that later. But for now...gotta do what I gotta do.

I created this blog late last year - when I gained 13 pounds in 10 days.  Lack on control - this was me - I just let everything go.  i have since reigned myself back in - and can't seem to get where I need to be.   Since starting this blog and reading other blogs, I see my all or nothing attitude.  If I can't do it right then I might as well destroy everything - what I have learned is that I seek some balance in my life.  Balance with eating, yes.  Balance with family, most definitely, balance with work.  I seek balance and harmony in my life.  To feel good about me, my body, my choices, to feel good about my family, to feel that I am accomplishing what my family needs form me, whether it be food, household organization, me time, etc I need to feel or better yet try an find the balance in all these components of my life.

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