Monday, January 12, 2009

Carb Up Day

Well yesterday was carb up day, yum yum!

According to the Wedding Day Diet, carb up day should consist of your weight x 1.5 - My goal was 210 carbs spread throughout 5 meals.  With carb up day you want to cut the fat to compensate for the extra calories in the carbs.  

My carbs consisted of apples, banana's, steel cut oats, WW bread with fruit jam (mmm that was yummy).

The scale kind freaked me out this morning, up a pound and a half since last weigh in - I should not have weighed myself, I know...argh!  When will I learn.

Today I am back to nuts and bolts of the Wedding Day Diet.  
I need to eat 105 grams of protein (throughout 5 meals), 56 grams of fat (throughout 4 meals) 1 meal has no fat, this is the post workout meal.  And of course unlimited GREEN vegetables...this has been interesting!  This is the Kick ASS fat burning Diet, and this had better work!  

Last week I did this process Thursday, Friday and Saturday - what I forgot to do, and I forgot this morning as well was to eat a piece of fruit.  I am allowed one piece of fruit and this should be eaten in the morning.  Tomorrow I will remember!

I will weigh myself on Wednesday and see how things are.  

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